Thank you Judy ❤ for getting us through the impossible. You kept us ...on track and you worked tirelessly. Your drive motivated all of us and look what we accomplished! What you do here is truly a gift. You are a beautiful person. Thank you for never once making us feel judged or embarrassed. Never a hint of judgement. Just a "let's get 'er done" attitude. And you persevered long hard days. I'm so proud to call you friend and I can't even put a price on what you gave us. It is priceless. I would suggest you to anyone that has recently divorced or ended a relationship or empty nesters... People feeling "stuck"... Anyone! We accomplished in 3 days with you what would have taken months or I would have died with all that stuff! LOL I can't believe you got my girls to part with so many things and be happy about it! thank you soooooo much!

Amy, Muskoka

I was feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed in my own house. There was simply too much "stuff" after having 3 kids in under 3 years, working and taking courses. I hired Clutter Relief Services for 8 hours of service and together we TACKLED my garage, storage room in the basement, one of my daughters closets and the guest room. I could NEVER have done this without help. Contact Clutter Relief if you are looking for great, motivating help!

Two years ago, we had to place my mother into a long-term care facility because her Alzheimer’s rendered her incapable of caring for herself. I was working full time as a Customs Inspector at Pearson Airport. I was also the mother of 2 girls, aged 2 and 4. While I have siblings, they were either geographically too far to help, or, not interested in helping. We listed my childhood home, in which my mother lived in for over 40 years. She was a bit of a hoarder, prepared for ANYTHING, and grew up with the belief that something was better than nothing. I undertook the daunting task of clearing out the home for sale. (It would be a tear down and rebuild and we were allowed to leave the “junk”). Because of work, daycare, and my husband’s schedule, I had 6 Sundays allotted to do this. I made contact with Judy from Clutter Relief at this time as I was seeking advice how to do this well. My father died of cancer when I was 7, I was losing my childhood home and losing my mother daily. I was terrified of losing any memories. As well, with Alzheimer’s disease, important and valuable things could be well hidden. Then it was the question of what to keep, and what to let go. Judy gave me sound advice: “If it evokes a reaction when you pick it up, holds a story, or you can identify who gave it etc. Pack it and keep it. When you are ready, work through your boxes, one at a time and in time you will be able to let go”.

We held an indoor garage sale after I got the important stuff out. We raised $870 for Alzheimer’s! But my basement was now full. I also had 2 children’s worth of toys, clothes, books, equipment. I hoped to have another child, but that didn’t seem to be happening. The basement got out of control. I didn’t even want to use my elliptical because the anxiety of looking at them mess was too much to bear. I tinkered at the boxes, but got lost in memories and emotions. The next 2 years, my basement almost took on a life of its own. We held onto things for family members. We accepted furniture and things from family...”for one day, or you never know when we might need it”. I also began procrastinating sorting through my memories. The emotions were too much to bear some days, as I have watched my mom decline.

Just before Christmas, a contest was held by Judy Rickey and Clutter Relief. She was offering 3 lucky people her services for 4 hours. My best friend in Edmonton somehow saw this, and nominated me. Having spoken with Judy before, I heard she did amazing things. And I appreciated her advice when I was clearing out the house. I knew what I needed to do. But I grew overwhelmed when I looked at the clutter, and didn’t know where to begin. I was elated to win!! And it was going to happen in 2 weeks. It was with mixed elation and anxiety that I met this deadline. I tried to clear out paths to work in. I was given my instructions to prepare for the afternoon.

I was embarrassed, humiliated, angry at myself for letting it get this way, frustrated. Judy was empathetic. We bonded as she learned my story. My basement became this way because of my emotional attachment. My baby things, most of them are replaceable easily on my mom groups if we are blessed with another child. I am hyper attached to photos, so we put the thousands of them together. One day to be sorted, returned to the people in them, or scanned and put into albums. Every bit of the basement was grouped into categories. Judy and her friend Renata took the lead gave me small and manageable tasks. They kept me in the loop EVERY STEP of the way. The 4 hours flew by. The garbage to be taken to the dump was sorted and ready. My husband arrived home and couldn’t believe how much was done in 4 hours. We worked hard. And as the boxes and bags were taken out...I started to feel lighter. They even set up a “sitting area” to envision what a real finished basement would be like. My daughters were ecstatic to have a place to play downstairs. It felt LIBERATING! I felt IN CONTROL! I was EMPOWERED!

To follow up: We got through the holidays. And we took everything to the dump. I have booked another 4 hour session for Judy and Renata to come. I am the first person to begrudge spending money unnecessarily. Especially for something I SHOULD BE DOING!! BUT this was an investment. My stress was practically cut in half!! I no longer get that anxiety going into my basement. It is functional, and now I really want to organize the rest! It made me realize we have too much stuff. And that I don’t need to stock pile like my mother did. And memories are in your heart and mind and quality “stuff” we keep. Not just stuff. Finally, it has motivated us to tackle the other areas of our home!

Sometimes we just need a nudge, push or kick in the butt to get stuff done. Because I invested in this service, all of us are happier, enjoying our space and I now use my elliptical! Thanks for the Christmas weight loss!! So as you embark on the New Year, you may resolve losing lbs., but losing lbs of clutter is just as liberating and important to having a happy life. Please talk to Judy. She is full of great ideas and most of all, does it with compassion and support. It not just junk to her: because it’s valuable to you. Thanks Judy and Renata! 2016 is going to be GREAT!!!

Glenda, Burlington

I often just turn the light on for the closet and stand in amazement at the organized stuff. Ditto with the office. So, yes I am enjoying the "liberated" spaces. It was all done so efficiently and quickly and yes I will want to call on your services just to come in and discuss possibilities and help me do a further refinement with the family archives.

Kathleen, Hamilton

You gave us the big start and I will finish. Again thank you and your gang. I would recommend you highly to friends. Hope I could call again if I needed your help down the road.

Sincerely Janet

When my grandmother who owned a triplex and lived in one of the 3 bedroom units, passed away, Judy (with some guidance) purged all the items that would not sell, gave a lot to charity, and then organized a contents sale. Then she worked on removing layers upon layers of wallpaper, ripping out carpeting and painting everything (with some help) in order to put the triplex up for sale. Due to her hard work the realtor was able to sell within the first few days and actually had a bidding war. Needless, to say I was very pleased, and could not have sold the triplex without her.  Judy seems to have a way about her when it comes to both children and seniors and I believe that her calling is to help people of all ages and abilities. She is hard working, honest, and friendly and seems to really enjoy doing these jobs. Her background in psychology must help her to understand people and their needs better.

Karen K., Toronto

I lived in my 1 bedroom condo for 12 years and things were really starting to pile up. I needed help! I searched online for organizers but did not find a good match for me. I did not want someone in my messy home for a day writing a plan or talking about the mess. I need someone who was willing to make actual progress from the start. Online one day I came across a mention of Clutter Relief Services and while reviewing their Facebook page something clicked. I called Judy and she made the trek to Toronto several times. I was involved in the process as I wanted a say in every decision on whether something stays, is donated or trashed.

We got rid of a lot of stuff and my home is much better organized thanks to Judy’s ideas. Judy is hardworking, friendly, flexible and has fair prices. I highly recommend her and Clutter Relief Services!

Greg, Toronto

Don't Know What I Would Do ... without Clutter Relief Services. I had moved in a hurry and still had unpacked boxes stacked to the ceiling months later. Judy helped turn my house into a home and now she helps me keep it neat and organized. She comes twice a month now and we'll pick a room to work on. I've thinned out my closet, my craft room is finally functional and my prized collectibles are out of boxes and on shelves where I can enjoy them. My home is ready for company anytime now and I couldn't be more grateful. I wouldn't just recommend her to a friend -I'd insist!

Lisa -Happy in Hamilton

It's difficult to express how grateful we are for your assistance in sorting out the chaos in our home. You have a special way of enabling the release of "stuff"-material and otherwise

Brenda, Burlington

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